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School of Social Services

Social Services
Bachelor of Science in Human Services with a concentration in Management

Find the specialized knowledge required to manage group homes, halfway houses, correctional facilities or drug abuse treatment centers in this degree program.

Social service is a dynamic and inspiring field which addresses the social and community issues. Social services relates to provision of social care and support to others in a society. Social services help people who face problems in their daily activities by helping them solve challenges to their problems. The core aim of social services is to empower others to live independently and productively. Professionals in this field promote social well being of a person. Due to ageing population and uncertainty in the society, the demand for social services professionals is increasing.

WalesBridge University offers the best online social services programs which are designed to help students and working adults achieve their career or academic goals. We equip students with the knowledge, understanding and essential skills pertaining to the field to develop expertise and leadership qualities. At WalesBridge, our aim is to make students learn the theory and practice of social work with individuals, families and in communities. Our experienced faculty has structure online course curriculum to help students explore cutting-edge issues in social work and develop practical skills to apply for a positive social change.

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