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School of Social Sciences

social sciences
Become a Certified Human Activist

Answer the question of why do people act and interact in a certain way

Social Sciences study the society in which we live and our relationship with the society. Social science professionals seek science as an institution and examine the blur boundaries between nature and science. The field of social sciences explores the scientific explanations of human interaction, their behavior and activities within and in relation to the societal activities and environment. It answers the question of why do people act and interact in a certain way. You can cover the whys of society and the people who live by exploring the deeper side of the field.

WalesBridge University offers you the best online social sciences programs which are designed to bring value to your academic qualification and skills set. We arm students with the latest, highly advanced and essential skills which they can apply in real world scenarios. At WalesBridge, our core aim is to develop capable professionals who can excel in their career with their knowledge and experience. Our online courses in social sciences have comprehensive curriculum which is designed by experts and leaders in the pertinent field. We educate students to understand how science was historically and presently practice, to shape the objects and human behavior in a society,

  • Economics
  • English
  • Mass communication
  • Sociology
  • Journalism
  • History
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