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School of Psychology

Master of Science in Psychology

Gain skills that make you an asset in a broad range of careers, including management, sales, human resources, health care, finance and much more.

Human mind is mind is highly complex and enigmatic. Psychology is the study of human behavior during a certain situation and actions in reaction to things happening across. As a psychologist, you need to understand how a brain functions and behaves in diverse environment settings and with other people. The school of psychology examines the depth of activities going in a human mind and body. The demand for psychologist is growing across the world, as the interaction of human mind increases in an environment and psychological issues evolve among people.

Walesbridge University offers the best online psychology programs for students and working adults to help them develop scientific understanding of how and why human behave in a certain manner. We aim to instigate the creative and analytical skills of our students to help them discover new and advance ways in which they can apply scientific findings. At Walesbridge, our industry responsive curricula help students gain knowledge of the scientific methods, human behavior observation, experimentation and interpretation. Our online courses in psychology are structured to offer students a complete perspective on the field and help them learn essential tools and skills for practical application. Our expert faculty members, which also include a number of practitioners, educate and prepare students to collect, analyze and interpret data through statistical and experimental design approaches.

  • General psychology
  • Counseling psychology
  • Organizational psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Educational psychology
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