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School of Political Science

Polictical Science
Master of Science in Political Science & Public Administration

This degree program offers concentrations that allow you to choose the area you want to lead in, including Management, Human Services, Security, Cybercrimes and Institutional Health Care.

Politics is about power, and political science is the academic discipline which understands the processes, ideas and systems through which institutions are governed. Political science is the scientific study of politics which examines the state of the society, rule of law followed in a society and the mechanism through which people are governed in a society. Political science basically explores and examines the key elements such as of power, politics, and government. The fields of political science evolve around humanistic and social scientific discipline. Professionals in this field are concerned with the governance of state, institution and they way power is structured.

Walesbridge University provides the best online political science programs for students and working through a theoretical and practical knowledge framework. We equip our students with a thorough understanding of historic, current and futuristic political arena. At Walesbridge, we educate students to stand out as leaders and experts in their field. Our online courses in political sciences are designed to unleash competence among students by developing communication, decision making and interpersonal skills. With an experienced faculty, we are able to produce students who can achieve new heights of excellence.

  • Political Science
  • Public Administration
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