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School of Nursing

Make a difference in direct patient care

You can help improve patients’ lives and the health care system by earning an RN to BSN degree.

Nursing is a noble career which allows you to serve people with care, warmth and love. It is a rewarding and enjoyable profession. Majority of the people who choose to enter this profession is due to their nature of helping and caring for others. Nurses have become an important part of our communities. They serve humankind and make a difference in the world. The field of nursing have move beyond the core, with the use of all the latest technology and medical instruments. Professionally trained nurses are high in demand across the world.

Walesbridge University helps students and working adults navigate their career in nursing. We prepare, educate and train you for the highly complex medical field. We help students develop valuable skills and knowledge for clinical work, patient care, communication, interpretation and research work. At Walesbridge, students are prepared to step into the fast paced medical industry. Our highly expert faculty ensures students develop nursing practice which can be applied in diverse work settings. Our industry responsive online nursing programs course curriculum include core concepts, ethical values, roles and responsibilities, application in hospital and clinical center and strategies to pertain professional expertise.

Below are the two programs offered by the School of Nursing:

- Theory-Only Programs
- Experienced-Based Programs (It is mandatory for students to be affiliated with a recognized healthcare organization to apply for this program)

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