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School of Engineering

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Achieve the job of your dream. Excel in your career by experimenting new ways of building historical architecture. WalesBridge University offers Scholarship programs for your benefit

In the present days, engineering is about designing, developing and implementing solutions for better efficiency and effectiveness. The field of engineering covers anything from mobile phone technology to medical instruments. Engineering is about critically analyzing, thinking and understanding how and why things work in a certain manner. Engineers are required to identify problems and develop new products as a part of engineering solutions to complex situations in diverse industries. Engineering is about designing and developing useful objects or processes.

Walesbridge University provides students and working adults a brilliant opportunity to develop knowledge, skills and real world experience of the engineering field. We educate students with essential skills, knowledge and practical approach to work in diverse work settings across industries and cities. We ensure our students become career ready to enter the pertinent field and achieve success. At Walesbridge, we help students develop skills to innovate, critically examine, experiment and apply theoretical concepts to real world scenarios. Online engineering courses are taught by highly qualified faculty members who have the relevant expertise and knowledge of the field. Faculty members ensure students receive the real world experience and enjoy a rewarding career in engineering. Online engineering courses are designed to equip students and working with core concepts, practices and industry responsive skills.

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
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