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School of Education

By the Teachers for the Teachers

Our master’s degree programs prepare you to inspire students in and out of the classroom

Education is a challenging yet rewarding field of study, as it allows you to create a long lasting difference in one’s life. Professionals in the field of education not only educate children or adults, but also make a positive contribution in their lives by delivering valuable knowledge, understanding and skills. Education is a powerful field which has the power to change the world and transform our perception through teaching and learning. Educationists empower students at various levels, such as school, college or university. Educationist help us develop the power to redefine the world of knowledge and structure our live.

The school of education at Walesbridge University provides students and working adults with complete knowledge and understanding of the field with theory and practice. We ensure you develop to communicate and be rational to teach in diverse fields. You will also learn about major subject areas which contribute to make you expert in the education field such as history, sociology and psychology. At Walesbridge, we offer you optimal learning opportunity and develop your people’s skills. Our highly qualified faculty holds the experience and expertise of the field to train you with essential skills and tools for practical application.

  • Early Education
  • Adult Education
  • Assessment & Evaluation
  • Administration & Supervision
  • Middle Level Education
  • Special Education
  • Teaching & learning
  • Curriculum & Instruction
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