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School of Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice
The Master of Science in Administration of Justice and Security

This graduate degree prepares students for executive, leadership and administrative managerial roles within government, criminal justice agencies, and public and private security.

There is endemic of criminal activities in the society today across the world. With the advancement of the world we live in, apart from prosperity and development, crimes have become a considerate part of our lives. Crimes have become the source of public concern and fear. Crimes and criminal justice has remained the highlights of the 21st century media and state government. The field of criminal justice looks at the key elements of contemporary crime, social value system which encourages crime, policing, courts, punishments and prevention methods.

Walesbridge University helps students explore the world of criminal justice by offering online criminal justice programs which address many contemporary issues such as crime, police, illegal drugs use, care of victims, violence, political perspective on crime, and human rights. We ensure students learn and understand the pertinent field to develop and execute strategies that wok and help in eliminating crime elements from the society. At Walesbrige, expert faculty have designed course curriculum which provides you in depth knowledge of the field, dilemmas, strategies and essential skills. We help you develop the ability to critically examine the crime, system, cultural contexts of crime and justice in a broader term.

  • Criminal Justice
  • Private Security
  • Cyber Crime
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