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School of Computer Science

Computer Science
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Computers have completely changed the way we live, communicate, interact and perform work. The field of computer science is continuously growing and evolving with new innovations and developments each day. Today, computing is everywhere and has transformed the world as a better place to live with a record number of innovations. We are connected to computer science on daily basis for our routine activities such as smart phones, online shopping or mobile applications. Computer science has enabled industries to increase their productivity by optimizing processes, systems and structures.

Walesbridge University provides students and working adults an excellence opportunity to receive online education in computer science and get prepared to work on technological developments. We ensure students gain an in depth understanding of the field, with theory, experiments and practical knowledge. At Walesbridge, we equip students with the skills to design, develop and verify technology solutions. Our online courses in computer science are designed to ensure students develop competency to innovate and develop computer software and hardware. The field of computer science requires creativity, precision and analytics to address the present day computing challenges across diverse industries. Our expert faculty educates and inspires students to develop proficiency in computer science. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to ensure students learn to multi-task and effectively work on small and large field related projects.

  • Computer Science
  • Information Technology
  • Network Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Web Development
  • Multimedia & Animation
  • Telecommunications
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