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Walesbridge University offers highly innovative, flexible and a wide range of industry responsive programs that are designed to give an edge to today’s professionals so that they can thrive in their challenging work environments. Our programs are designed by experienced professionals who are aware of the demands of today’s industry. Our programs develop and inculcate all the necessary skills and knowledge among students and aspiring professionals to enable them to perform at
leading positions.

Our programs are designed to help working professionals in adjust their study schedules around their working schedule. Walesbridge University’s programs cover a broad range of qualifications such as masters, bachelors, and doctorate, diploma and certificate programs. All of the programs offered are 100% online; this means that from the start of the admission process till the awarding of the degree, the student will have a complete online experience. Our programs are self paced and completely attuned to the internal standards of education. Apart from this, all of the programs are accredited by authorized accreditation awarding bodies.

Duration: 1 year, Program Fees: $8,400

Associate To Bachelors Degree

This program is designed for those students who are in the thinking to acquire professional education from Online University. The scope of the degree is good as it will allow you to earn $25,000 - $32,000 per annum. Explore the world of Wales Bridge, as you live in the world of opportunities.

Duration: 2 years, Program Fees: $14,400

Bachelors Degree

The Program is designed for the working professionals who are in the beginning of their career and are looking to earn a professional degree. Our experienced faculty will help you to attain new heights of success. After earning Bachelors Degree, you can earn between $30,000 - $35,000 per annum.

Duration: < 1 year, Program Fees: $12,000

Masters Degree

If you are a working professional and thinking to gear up your career up then WalesBridge University’s Masters Degree program is the choice for your success. It is 100% Accredited from best Accreditation bodies and you may end up earning above to $55,000 per annum.

Duration: 2 years, Program Fees: $18,900

PhD Degree

Do you wish you achieve something bigger and aiming to be in the leadership role, then WalesBridge University’s PhD applied & research program will help you ladder up your career path. The career potentials are immense as you will be earning above on average $80,000 per annum.

Duration: < 6 months, Program Fees: $6,000

Diploma Course

Diploma courses help you to earn quickly while working full time. You do not need to worry about financing your education, as our special education fund will let you to quickly escalate your courses. The career prospects are immense as you may earn more than market average salary.

Duration: < 1 year, Program Fees: $12,000

Certificate Course

Many need to further their study at this level in order to succeed in a particular profession, such as teaching and law. Whatever your reason, be sure that you are committed to your course, as postgraduate study is demanding, time-consuming and often expensive.