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Academic Excellence

WalesBridge University is ranked among the world's best universities by Princeton Review and has been ranked by US News & World Report for 9 consecutive years as one.

Tuition is not the same as Cost

You might think you can’t afford WalesBridge University. Think again. One hundred percent of WalesBridge students receive institutional scholarships and grants. Many students qualify for a WalesBridge education at Big State educational fund.

Connections with Alumni Network

WalesBridge University is your connection to a successful future. Our small size classes, big corporate alliances and strong alumni network will prepare you to enter the workforce.

Corporate Alliances

Become a citizen of the world class online education management university and get to work for the finest corporate of the world. We have partnerships with more than 500+ companies in more than 120 countries and 6 continents.

Globally renowned PhD faculty

What makes WalesBridge University different from any other university is its highly motivated and world renowned faculty member who holds PhD in their respective field. Currently, we have 415 PhD faculties onboard.


Academic Programs

Our online accredited degree programs allow you to take the same course, at the same respected university, from the same distinguished professors as on-campus students. Every date is your perfect date, as each year for your convenience we offer admissions in respective fields.. Online degree programs are available in a variety of fields.

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Tuition & Costs

Investing in your higher education is an investment for your future. Learn about how WalesBridge University can help students and families identify ways of maximizing available funds to enable students to focus more on succeeding in higher education and less on financial resources.

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Scholarship Wales Bridge
Jamaica Erickson
"I have just completed my Phd in business management and it has been a fantastic experience. WalesBridge University offers cutting edge online modules in MBA which helped me secure a good position in a leading organization. Apart from the quality of education, the university has helped me develop as independent learners and thinkers." - PhD in Business Management
Fritzel Johan
"I was attracted to nursing because of the diverse career opportunities but didn’t have the financial resource to complete my academic qualification to enter the field. Scholarship grants awarded at WalesBridge helped me receive education and become career ready to enter the noble profession. The university helped me in achieving my dream of becoming a nurse." - Masters of Nursing
Lindsay Gichen
"Studying at WalesBridge School of Engineering has been a fulfilling experience. The flexibility offered to me in online education has helped me in scheduling classes according to my schedule and continue with my job commitments. I have been successfully able to apply all the skills and knowledge acquired in my present job. I will always be thankful for the engineering education and career support that I gained by being associated with WalesBridge." - Masters in Engineering
Bill Lyan
"Here I learned that I can be more confident and capable than I could imagine. Computer science is a broad subject which demands a complete understanding of how IT system works. The courses offered in Computer Science are just what I wanted to study and how I wanted to schedule. For me WalesBridge is the best university which provides accessible quality education and help students achieve success." - Bachelors in Computer Science
Craig Massey
"Studying at WalesBridge School of Psychology completely changed my way of thinking and provided me with a new perspective to understand issues which are faced people in everyday life. The university provides a stimulating learning environment which encourages you to become a well rounded practitioner. The program prepared me for a great future in psychology." - Diploma in Psychology