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International Faculty

The Amazing Faculty Associates Who Have Nurtured Every Students'
Experience at WalesBridge University

Dr. Antony Jacobs

Professor, Psychology

"The programs at WalesBridge University are highly successful one that offers terrific academic outcomes with great value for money. Students report excitement and enthusiasm for the program, and very high levels of satisfaction. They leave with good insights and appreciation for the culture and ecology of the country, and a new found respect for travel and the exploration of other lands."

"Working with WalesBridge University has always been a pleasure - you are incredibly responsive, super attentive to safety and risk management concerns and genuinely concerned for the learning and welfare of our participants. Since the directors have doctorates, they understand the academic environment with all its expectations, challenges and concerns.”

Dr. Simon Hopkins

Professor, Business management

"The WalesBridge University programs in the European region, specifically in the UK are academically rigorous and socially intense. Students are introduced to a modern world of online education as unique study platform, and they will study cultures that have developed. All the programs are fully funded with scholarships and meet the international standards of quality education."

"The programs are organized and run by a cadre of knowledgeable, fun-loving and friendly staff dedicated to providing a safe, informative and entertaining educational experience"

Tanya Golash-Boza

Professor, Sociology

In my classes, service-learning means that students are required to perform community service for twenty hours over the course of the semester, at a list of pre-selected sites. In addition, they must write up field notes and reflections after each community service experience and write a paper based on their service experience at the end of the term.

Service-learning is much more than volunteering in the community; it is learning through experience and reflection. Programs at WalesBridge Univeristy are ranked amongst the top 5 programs of the UK and European region. Our online campus in the Middle East region is fully functional and provides educational services.

Mary Cagliostro

Associate Professor - MBA Program

WalesBridge University offers me the option of both online and in-person classes located at satellite locations. The online option works well because it doesn't require you to be in a particular place at a particular time each week, so there is more flexibility. It allows you to interact with people from around the globe without leaving your home.

It affords you the opportunity to work within your own schedule to do class assignments. It's definitely a different way of learning and takes a little time to get used to, but you may be surprised at how connected you do feel even from a distance.

Joan Temmerman

Assistant Professor, Master of Public Health in Nutrition

The nutrition program at WalesBridge University is awesome! I am a busy clinician, and the convenience of an on-line MPH was appealing. However, the individualized approach, the outstanding faculty, and the high caliber of peers combined into an interactive teaching environment have totally surpassed my expectations. I have absolutely enjoyed every aspect of this superb program, and I highly recommend it. The flexibility of the program in terms of when you get your work done cannot be understated. This is a huge plus. However, do not think an online program means less work.