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Career Services
Career Services

The Stepping Stone To Achieve Your Career Success in a More Faster Afforable and Reliable Way

Our student and alumni services aim to enable students attain academic and professional success, instill the art of networking, developing the ability to overcome challenging career obstacles and so much more, all within the realm of utmost comfort and convenience. Student counselors at WalesBridge are always available to advise and encourage students in virtually every aspect of their academic career.

Financial Aid

WalesBridge University offers financial aid packages on an annual basis to students on a need and merit basis so they can bear the cost of their education.

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Student & Alumni Consultancy

Our Student & Alumni advisors are available round the clock to assist you and provide an answer to every single query or concern you may have.

Career Placement Services

Through its job placement services, WalesBridge University is able to refer its students to numerous corporate organizations around the world.

Credit Transfer

Students are given the opportunity to equate courses they have studied previously with the courses offered in their program, reducing time and fee.

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Apostille & Embassy Legalization

International students can take advantage of our Apostille and Embassy Legalization services to improve their employability in the region they belong to.

Dedicate Student & Alumni Area

Students & Graduates will be given their own personal space where they will be able to manage their courses, timetable, and do other administrative work.

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