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When you graduate from WalesBridge University and become an alum, your academic journey doesn’t have to be over. We help you keep the relationships you created in school so they continue to help you personally and professionally.

Our Alumni Association helps graduates stay connected to classmates and to the University through a website and dedicated to alumni news. Membership in the Alumni Association is complimentary, and University of WalesBridge does not fundraise.

Explore how the WalesBridge University Alumni Association can help you continue to benefit from the connections you make during your school years.

I have recently completed PhD in Organizational Structuring & Management and I teach Recruitment Practice course. I found WalesBridge University courses challenging, informative and enjoyable and applicable to today’s recruitment market. From learning about the recruitment process and improving your sales techniques, to covering current and past legislation concerning recruitment.
Louisa Wilkinson
PhD - Human Resource Managemet

I consider WalesBridge University to be biggest in the online University industry. I feel great to be part of this prestigious University as I get to meet people who are highly intelligent and they come from all parts of the world. The most interesting part of WalesBridge is that you get to deal with complex and challenging questions, take their reviews and answer them appropriately.
Christopher Spacer
PhD - Business Management

I found WalesBridge University to be very interesting and insightful. After studying in the human Behavioral and recruitment courses, I have opened my own recruitment agency. I found comfort in knowing that I am in line with the industry outlined recruitment processes. I picked up different selling techniques and really enjoyed the group discussions with other fellow students. I think this is a great place and one that is very much needed in our industry.
Michael Hackney
Bachelors - Psychology

The university is heavily involved in research, with about 45+ research programs. There are also nearly 60 student organizations exclusive to the College of Engineering. I am a content alumni of WalesBridge University as it open new gateways of opportunity for me.
Barbara Jackson
Masters in Engineering

I am doing PhD in Health Sciences. I choose WalesBridge University because to get eligible for adjutant faculty member at prestigious institutes, I wanted to have a research degree. I think the course I took at WalesBridge is very good. It enables me to carry my research work while attending the classes online, so I don’t have to worry about managing the job and studies. I would recommend WalesBridge University to all the students who want to excel in their career quickly.
Rebecca Richardson
PhD - Health Sciences

I completed Masters in Engineering from WalesBridge University. The WalesBridge University —School of Engineering is particularly highly ranked for its civil and electrical engineering program and it offers scores of other degree areas to graduate students.
Jeffrey Parnell
Graduate Diploma - Engineering